How To Record PC Gameplay & Gaming Footage In HD

Have you ever wondered how to capture your pc video game footage in high definition?

Before I can into details, I just wanna say there are a lot of different ways to do it. I have tried several different programs and methods, and I will share with you, what works best for me. These are the exact same methods and programs that I currently use on my Youtube gameplay videos.

First, you will need to have is a recording software, FRAPS. FRAPS is best video game recording software I have used, and it’s cheap, about $37. FRAPS is a benchmark software, not a video editor.

Let me give you a quick summary of what benchmarking software does. Benchmarking software is used to measure your computers gaming performance. FRAPS measures your computers performance, and also has the capability of recording it too.

FRAPS is able to record your gaming footage with minimal impact to your gaming experience. If you are using older graphic cards and an old monitor, you may lag and/or while recording. It’s not FRAPS, it’s your equipment. In other words, if you are using an old graphics card and monitor, and trying to record CoD Black Ops gameplay, you will lag big time. FRAPS is recording based on your graphics card ability and your monitor’s current resolution settings.

The biggest disadvantage with FRAPS is the size of the avi files. The files are massive, approximately, every 2-3 minutes is 4gbs. So, if you plan to do long gameplay videos like I do, expect to use a lot of hard drive space. The reason avi files are so large is because FRAPS doesn’t compress them. You will need to use a video editing software to compress the videos.

After you are done recording your gameplay footage, you will need a good video editing software to compress your avi files. I use Camtasia 7. Camtasia has the ability to record gaming footage. You can try it. I did, but it didn’t work very well for me.

I use Camtasia to do my rough draft edit and compress the files. Yes, rough draft. Now, you just drop and drag each avi file into Camtasia’s video time line. When you drop and drag your first file, a window will pop up, and make sure you select the “recording size”. That is the most important part, it MUST be the “recording size” or it will mess it up. Then, edit out any scenes you don’t want, and add any transitions, if necessary.

When you have completed the rough draft, you can go to the “Produce” tab at the top, and select “HD”. Camtasia will then render your video files into one mp4 file. The video rendering process can take hours to process, so be patient.

Work in progress, please be patient…

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